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Reusable Capsule For Nespresso VERTUOLINE® Vernier
Reusable Capsule For Nespresso VERTUOLINE® Vernier
Reusable Capsule For Nespresso VERTUOLINE® Vernier

Reusable Capsule For Nespresso VERTUOLINE®

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The Reusable Coffee Capsule Solution.

An environmentally friendly, reusable solution to terrible tasting store-bought coffee capsules and pods.

Our Capsule was created because we could no longer stand the idea of terrible tasting, single-use coffee capsules anymore, so we came up with a solution that not only lets you drink better coffee from your capsule machine but also lessens your impact on the environment by stopping excess waste into landfill.

What is a Reusable Capsule?

A perfectly designed, completely reusable, stainless solution to single-use, wasteful store-bought coffee pods and capsules. 

With our Capsule you have the ability to pick and choose from your favorite coffee beans, a local roaster, or specialty store. Just buy (or grind) the beans too Espresso (not too fine), pack the capsule, and away you go.

These sound fantastic, what's the catch?

There is none. They are made from food-grade stainless steel, will last up to 10 years, and are completely reusable. Not only that, you will save heaps of money in the long run as each use costs about a third the price of a pre-bought capsule.
Don't forget - because you are using your preferred coffee, the taste is NEXT LEVEL.

Additional benefits of our Capsules?

🌎 ENVIRONMENTAL - As each Capsule is designed to be reused, you will save hundreds of tonnes of single-use capsule waste from landfills.
👍 EASY TO USE - Just pack the capsule with your favorite coffee and use exactly the same way as you always have. 
✔ BEAN CONTROL - You take control of the beans you want to use. Just remember to grind it to medium espresso for the best results.
🔬 QUALITY - Each Capsule can be reused over and over again. Our Stainless Steel models will last more than 10 years!
💲 MONEY SAVING - Each capsule, if used once a day can save you hundreds each year. An 8oz bag (220gms) will create 45 coffees, that's a 70% saving!
💧 DISHWASHER SAFE - All Capsules are suitable for the dishwasher.
What's Included?

Our Options:

A. Single - 1 x Nespresso® Stainless Steel Capsules + Plastic Spoon + Mini Brush (10-year life)

B. Kit - 1x Nespresso® Stainless Steel Capsules + Stainless Tamper + Plastic Spoon + Mini Brush (10-years life)

C. Double - 2x Nespresso® Stainless Steel Capsules + Plastic Spoon + Mini Brush (10-years life)

 What Machines Do they Work With?

Our Nespresso® Capsule is designed to work with all machines that use the "Vertuoline" shaped capsules.

1. What machines will these work in?
This particular model is designed to work with all Nespresso® Vertuoline Style machines that accept the Vertuoline Nespresso Capsules.

2. Shipping and Tracking
All the orders are typically processed in 1-3 business days. 
We will send your capsules with USPS First Class Carrier.

3. Will they damage my machine?
No. They are designed to fit and function exactly as the original capsules do. If you are forcing it, just slow down and ensure it's lined up correctly and it should close up easily.

4. Doesn't the machine need to pierce the capsule?
No. The holes are recessed and located so that they don't need to be pierced by the machine. Your capsule machine will press it tight and hold the capsule in place whilst water passes through the pre-made holes.

5. Are single-use Capsules really that bad for the environment?
Yes. 50 million capsules A DAY end up in landfill. Whilst Nespresso® does have a recycling program, they only partially recycle capsules.

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