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CegaPiano Mahogany Thumb Piano (Kalimba) Vernier
CegaPiano Mahogany Thumb Piano (Kalimba) Vernier
CegaPiano Mahogany Thumb Piano (Kalimba) Vernier
CegaPiano Mahogany Thumb Piano (Kalimba) Vernier
CegaPiano Mahogany Thumb Piano (Kalimba) Vernier
CegaPiano Mahogany Thumb Piano (Kalimba) Vernier

CegaPiano™ Mahogany Thumb Piano (Kalimba)

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How the  music helps children with autism, ADHD, anxiety and behavioral difficulties

"One of the best things about the CegaPiano™ is that it creates mindfulness, so no matter what behavioral problem children are struggling with, all behaviors are a byproduct of what the brain is telling them to do, so when we play the CegaPiano™ and they experience mindfulness, their brain calms down.

It helps to regulate, and so they are less inclined to be aggressive, to have difficult or risky behaviors." - A. Davies, Author of the Method and Child Development.

Kids with kalimbas

The CegaPiano™ produces a pentatonic scale, so you can play any note in any order and it always sounds beautiful. And for children who are anxious or children who are used to not feeling like they can do a lot of things, or for children who are scared they are gonna fail, to be able to play an instrument that always sounds beautiful is really, really empowering.

Because they can’t make a mistake, so it always makes them feel good about themselves. The other thing is I’m very passionate about is age- and ability-inclusive instruments, so I want instruments that a baby can play and a person who’s a hundred can play, and you don’t need lessons at all. Because I think a lot of musical instruments are really exclusive, just for the people who are privileged enough to have lessons or be able to play complicated instruments. So this is an instrument that anyone can play, so this is why I love the CegaPiano™ so much.

  • Intuitive. Creative. Expressive.
  • Playing Music Has Never Been so Easy. Simply place your hands around our CegaPiano™ and instantly master the art of playing blissful music.
  • Expert quality.
  • Professionally hand-tuned by percussion experts with over 20 years of experience in making musical instruments for the Royal Orchestra in Indonesia.
  • Anyone can play.
  • Specially tuned to provide easy playing and harmonious sound no matter what combination of petals are played or skill level of the player.
  • Sound healing benefits.
  • Tuned to provide energy healing, behavior, and therapeutic benefits.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Compact and lightweight design makes CegaPiano™ the ultimate companion for work, play or jamming.

Mystical deep tones take you on a cosmic trip to the edges of the universe. This sound therapy of the CegaPiano™ is mathematically tuned to the vibrational frequency of the universe at 432 Hz for energy healing benefits. 

How to play it?


It’s easy to play the CegaPiano™ – it’s tuned so that every combination of the 17 keys together harmoniously (pentatonic scale). From the first touch, you will intuitively play delightful music. You should just relax, follow the rhythm flow and the music will come from you, filling a space with mystical sounds and healing vibrations. It is also a perfect instrument for meditation and sound healing.



How to maintain?

1. Because the Kalimba is also a wooden instrument, it must not be exposed to excessive sunlight.

2. Kalimba's shrapnel is easily rusted by environmental humidity and sweat. It is recommended to apply some anti-rust agents on the shrapnel every other week with a paper towel or a piano cloth to avoid rust and affect the sound and overall appearance.

3. Long-term use, heavy local humidity, it is recommended to put the piano in the original PE plastic pocket, the case, and then put a packet of desiccant inside, to avoid cracking of the body.

4. The humidity of the body is kept between 40%-60%, below 40%, humidification, below 60%, dehumidification.

How is it made?

The basic Thumb Piano is a modern mbira with a soundbox with metal keys or tongues (called lamellas) attached on the top. The keys or tongues are sometimes made from cane. The soundbox is Mahogany wood (a South American tree), with keys or tongues made out of European spring steel. The keys or tongues are plucked with the thumbs, or with combinations of thumbs and fingers. The keys usually consist of 15 to 24 metal tongues mounted across two bars at one end attached to the soundbox with a wooden dowel holding them in place. The bar closest to the soundhole serves as a bridge, the other to provide a means for the dowel to hold the keys (tongues) in place. The free ends of the keys (tongues) are positioned at different lengths to produce a variety of pitches. The length of the vibrating end of the keys (tongues) determines the pitch (a shorter key or tongue produces a higher pitch, and a longer key or tongue produces a lower pitch).

Not sold in stores.

CegaPiano™ perfectly fits into any interior.

CegaPiano™ has an elegant design and they are compact and lightweight. This charming instrument will make a nice addition to your living room or office

What's in the set

  • CegaPiano™
  • Gift Box,
  • Stylish Carrying Bag,
  • Instruction
  • Tunning Hammer
  • Finger CoversLabel Stickers

The benefits of the Thumb Piano positively impact a variety of physical, neurological and emotional wellness concerns, and as such, music therapists are integrating this African percussion instrument into the therapeutic environment. With benefits similar to those of drumming and the didgeridoo, the Kalimba promises to increase the quality of life for people for years to come. 

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