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Safety Instructions

  • Use only on a dry surface of the body over clothing by lightly pressing and moving across the body for approximately 60 seconds per region.
  • Use the Wavegun only on the body's soft tissue as desired without producing pain or discomfort.
  • Do not sure on the head or any hard or bony area of the body.
  • Use only the applicators that provide the best-desired effect.
  • Bruising can occur regardless of control setting or pressure applied. Check treated areas frequently and immediately stop at first sign of pain or discomfort.
  • Keep fingers, hair, or any other body part away from the shaft and backside of the applicator as pinching may occur.
  • Do not place any objects into the ventilation holes of the Wavegun.
  • Do not immerse in water or allow water to enter the ventilation holes of the Wavegun.
  • Do not drop or misuse the Wavegun.
  • Only recharge with supplied 24VDC Wavegun Charger
  • Do not tamper or alter Wavegun in any way.
  • Never leave the Wavegun operating or charging unattended.